Fun at Tawau Yacht Club

Today is a replacement holiday for yesterday TYT’s Birthday. Amanda asked, ‘Why not we bring kids to the club and swimming?’. Leave Enoch at home, because we don’t want much trouble looking after him as he’s started to walk last months and since then I could hardly seeing him crowling and sit still anymore. Why baby never get tired? Forty two ringgit per month is all it takes to enjoy the facilities of the club. Sauna, steambath & swimming is favourite activities enjoyed by most members. Snooker & darts are for those who love the beers very much. Karaoke is for those who likes to show off thier talent. If you own a fishing boat, you could spend hundreds of ringgit for the fuel just to catch fishes that worth less than one hundred ringgit. If you go to the fish market you could choose any kind of fish you want for a hundred ringgit note. But you can’t enjoy the wave of sea, you missed the exciting part when the fish biting your baits, you can’t feel the tension of your rod when winding the catches. You’ll never understand the satisfation that one having the catch on the boat. Some even took a photo with their catch.

A sunset bar is always the place that every weekender will enjoy their own BBQ and cooking their favorite dishes to share with their loves one and friends. For those who just lazy enough to prepare the food can always order from the restaurant. As for the drinks, just order it from the bar and have the bills signed. You don’t need to bring cash to buy drinks. But you’ll received statement at the end of the month. All this enjoyment are only forty two ringgit per month. Oops! did I mentioned to join as club member, you need twelve thousand ringgit? 🙂

Enough talking, here’s some pictures to share…

Edmond & Eloise are really having fun in the pool.

Amanda doing the froggy style.

What? How about me? Of course I am taking pictures…

This double hauled motor yacht came from USA. Thier previous stop was Indonesia. Arriving here this morning. Further away is a vessel loading round logs.

Looking down from the jetty I spotted this fish. I don’t know what this species is but I did know it will make this nice picture.

It’s always nice to wait a while to shoot this afterglow.

The sunset bar. Notice the bright spot above the flags is the moon.

The club building.

Edmond is keen of taking pictures too.

Edmond is making his funny action.

Lastly, here some pictures I did not put in this blog.

Thats all folks! I hope you too enjoying your holiday today. God bless!


Nature Sunday

What do you do when you got nothing better to do? EATING? Seriously I am. But this time I am not.

My friend, Vui Kee would like to fill up his free time with photography. So I suggested him, we shoot the gerai puasa (stalls open during muslim fasting month) at Fuji Market. He’s a shy person I think and rejected my suggestion. Driving toward north, we are heading to Tawau Hills Park. RM3 per head we pay our entrance fee.

I don’t have 600mm, so I don’t shoot birds.

I don’t have macro lens, so I don’t shoot bugs.

I don’t bring tripod, so I must handheld. @#$%^!

No problem!, have camera will shoot 🙂

Flirting! Do you know how to flirt?

Later, the result! 🙂

and this…

Those are not dare to flirt around 😦

I spot this with the reflection of the sky to make this picture so contrasty.

The mosses on the tree trunk.

We continue to walk in the park and I saw 2 visitors comnig toward this junction. Quickly meter off the ground and recompose to make this shot. The visitors is like coming down from heaven?

Suddenly, this really caught my attention. I thought it is an Orang Utan that hugging the tree trunk. Ok ok, it scared me though. It’s like something else instead… 🙂

I like flare, strong flare instead. As I don’t bring my tripod, so I handheld. Even the Image Stabilizer can’t tolerate my shaky hand. This is mosses is from a tree trunk. Easily spotted along the trial we walk.

During the trial, we crossed a wooden bridge. I stopped and spotted ripples at the still water. The ripples really caught my attention. There was so many ripples thats caused by some insects that and actually stands on the water surface, I don’t know what this insect called. But the ripples sure caught my attention. But I need to capture only one ripple, a nice and big one. So I wait, wait, and spotted a big one, I shoot! Dang it, I missed. 😦 Ok, ok… I try again, again and again. hehe… perseverance gave me this result. A nice and big ripple with reflection of the rain forest and sky. Very interesting!

On the way out from the park, the park ranger pointed his hand up. OMG, see what I managed to make another few frame in my memory card. I don’t know the name of this species. Perhaps you may able to help, too! 🙂

Tawau Hills Park is located 24 kilometers from Tawau. During weekend, you will spot visitors having picnic, swimming and camping there. The Park contains rugged volcanic landscapes including a hot spring and spectacular waterfalls. A must visit place if you happen to come to Tawau.

Experiencing Merdeka Day in Kuala Lumpur

Now Everyone Can Fly! Convinced by this slogan, I spent RM350 last month for the pictures I took below. Good foods good shopping paradise cost me another hundreds and hundreds again. 😦 But nevermind, the experience pay off. 🙂

But Chinese always said ‘You need to get drunk this morning if you have the liquor this morning!’. Meaning that, enjoy what you have at present. As you will never know what gonna happen tomorrow. True? hehe… I don’t know, you tell me… because I am not a pure chinese.

My intention visiting KL not only for photography purpose. But also to visit my brother, Ah Loi. He is the lucky man. He won a lucky draw, staying at Mines Resort at Serdang for 4 day and 3 nights x 2 rooms. Now you can guess where I stay during my visit. 🙂

Here some pictures I took during my visit to Kuala Lumpur in conjunction with Malaysia 50th Independence Day Celebration. Hope you enjoy looking my pictures.

Meeting up with photographer friends from Tawau at the lobby in Putrajaya International Convention Centre – PICC. Later I will be meeting up with Clement, all the way from Sandakan just for this event. Me standing at the middle. 🙂

Some Views from PICC. This is the place where the fireworks will be displayed tonite at 12am.

Bridge at Putrajaya.

Main entrance of PICC.

Free shuttle bus service from Putrajaya LRT to PICC, every 15 minutes.

He do not want to miss the fireworks too.

Photographers setting up their gears earlier to secure the best shooting point. Oh boy, 6 hours to count down… sigh..

For me, I don’t have the patient waiting there for 6 hours. I spent some money to get in the PICC building and had a lovely dinner and to avoid congestion during the showtime.

Many people like me, bought the ticket to enjoy the evening inside the PICC. A lot of activities in there while waiting for the countdown. We met up with Ted who drove alone from Petaling Jaya. Also to shoot the fireworks.

Some sitting on the carpet and enjoying the evening.

10…, 3, 2, 1 POW! All pay off of the ticket I bought for the dinner. No congestion, nice shooting pointing and nice pictures, I took.

Simply breathtaking fireworks from Team Japan. I never saw this huge fireworks show in my life, coming 40. Brilliant!

Another shot…


…and another…

…and another.

The fireworks last about 20 minutes. Oh boy, I’ve been holding breath for 20 mins… Too bad smokes starts nasty 5 minutes after the first shot.

The sky became quiet again after the show.

We quickly pack our gears and start drive out from Putrajaya at 12:30am. Too bad we are still caught in the traffic jam for more than 3 hours out from Putrajaya. I’ve never experienced this in my life. @#$%^&*! Ted got home at 4 something in the morning. Pity him.

The next morning, I woke up at 7, as usual, I practicing my daily routine in the washroom. Later, we walk to Serdang Commuter Centre but too bad, the ticket dispenser machine refused to swallow our notes. We’d struggled to find some coins instead. Locating the commuter centre and finding coins caused so much of delay. We also got squeezed inside the commuter on the way to KTM Station at KL to go Merdeka Square.

Upon arriving Merdeka Square, I quickly pull out my Canon EOS 400D mounted with a 70-200mm tele zoom lens and zoom to 200mm to compress the crowd into the frame here.

Ok, I confess. We arrived at 10am. The event was toward the end. Agong is leaving and Aroyo is leaving. But I don’t give up easily. I change my tele to superwide, rushing to the Square and hope to cover something interesting. Standing at the middle of the square are really amazing. I can imagine how its like 50 years ago. Really! I can feel the heat.

The tallest flagpole measuring 100 meter-high rising from Merdeka Square. The Malayan Flag was hoisted 50 years ago on August 31st, 1957 at this spot that signifying the independence of the country from the British ruling.

Merdeka! was shouted 7 times by Tunku Abdul Rahman 50 years ago. The shouting still continues today and forever…

Merdeka celebration not only celebrate by Malaysian.

hehe… I did not shoot this. But I was shot! That’s me in the middle, one odd out.

Helicopter hovering surrounding Kuala Lumpur to cover the event, live broadcasting in local television.

God blessed for the blue sky and fine weather. We are hausted walking around and shooting around but Clement my travel companion said he wanted to shoot the fireworks again tonight. No matter how I discouraged him, he still insist. Oh boy… The Team Global will be peforming tonight. But only for 7 minutes. So there we go again to Putrajaya.

This time we did not go up to the PICC. We decided to shoot at the ground level. We are smarter this round, we only went there around 9pm. The show started at 10pm. Thanks to my brother Ah Loi for fetching us there.

Night view of PICC.

Here are some shots from Team Global on the 31st night.

After the show, traffic was so friendly this time. We got back to the resort only in 15 minutes time. 🙂

And this is me at the resort. Notice the big poster behind me. Tunku Abdul Rahman declaring independence day on August 31st, 1957 at Merdeka Square, Kuala Lumpur.

September 2nd, I am leaving KL back to my lovely home town, Tawau. I did my last shopping route at The Mines Shopping Mall. I marked my time to make sure I have enough time to rush to the airport, but shit really happen. This is no good, and no good at all. Ah Loi’s Proton Waja battery was FLAT! 😦 Time is tickling… But no worry, Ah Loi calls his lovely wife, Shariene and within 15 minutes, I got up to my sister in law’s MyVi and I’d made it on time checking in at the airport.

While waiting for my sister in law, I took some pictures of my nephew, Kin Liong.

Kin Liong posed in front of the Proton Waja with front bonet opened while waiting for rescue.

On my way back to Tawau and eagerly wanted to meet my lovely wife and kids after leaving them for 5 days…

My brother’s choice and he recommends, do try out the Pak Nesser’s Nasi Lemak on board. You won’t regret it. 😛

Thank you for looking at my blog…

…and feel free to leave some comments.

Happy Merdeka Day! 🙂